Hear from our Customers

Whether it is because of the ease of set-up,
the labor savings or the ROI, hoteliers who
use ROOMDEX quickly become evangelists.

“It’s all quite simple. ROOMDEX does what it promises. It’s easy to use, fully integrated and there is no manual labor involved. And most importantly, the ROI is better than expected.”

Hans Meyer, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Zoku
More from Hans here.

“It has really just been “set it and just forget it.” It’s working well for the guest experience and has increased my revenue. It’s a win-win.”

Justin Ellison, General Manager at Mint House
More from Justin here.

“What I didn’t anticipate was the early arrivals and late departures doing so well. I think other hotels will be surprised with the results themselves.”

Kevin Le, Area Director of Revenue Management at Modus Hotels
More from Kevin here.

“This is a time [the pandemic] when upselling is unbelievably important because have a limited number of people who are actually willing to stay at a hotel.”

Adam Gollance, President & CEO at Modus Hotels
More from Adam here.

“The most immediate return for the least input would be ROOMDEX upgrade software.”

Daniel Tennant, General Manager at Aries Living
More from Daniel here.

“ROOMDEX takes the guesswork out and just really streamlines the operations to a point where it’s pretty hands off – which is great.”

Brandon Burtis, Corporate Director of Revenue at Pacifica Hotels
More from Brandon here.

“ROOMDEX looks at our occupancy, our average daily rate etc., and can calculate and propose appropriate pricing.  It optimizes conversion without harming room revenue margins.”

Damien McDaid, General Manager at Boyne Valley Hotel & Country Club
More from Damien here.

“I like ROOMDEX in that it says, “Here is the suggested pricepoint we can get based on demand,” and then it gets in front of the customer automatically.”

Gary Stringham, VP, Revenue and Distribution at Springboard Hospitality
More from Gary here.

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