A Step-by-Step Guide to get you upselling ASAP!

Congratulations! By signing up with ROOMDEX, you have made the first step to providing digital upgrade and upsell services to your hotel guests and increase ADR and RevPar rapidly. The team at ROOMDEX will immediately begin procuring the connection to your PMS. You will be receiving follow up instructions on your next steps via email shortly.

That said, PMS data is often not structured in a way for guests to directly understand. The ROOMDEX Configurator helps you enrich your PMS data with key hotel insights that will help convert upsell offers to revenue.

At any time in this process you may contact us at onboarding@roomdex.io.

The FASTSTART onboarding guide will walk you through the following steps:

  1. PMS integration
  2. Configure Revenue Codes in your PMS
  3. Collect your Hotel Information
  4. Configure your Hotel in ROOMDEX
    • Feature Group
      • Refine room attribute groups to match typical guest interests
    • Room Checker
      • Assign Features to Room Numbers or Categories
    • Bed Types
      • Map your Bed Types to ROOMDEX standards
    • Room Categories
      • Add sizes and images to Room Types and rank them
    • Buildings and Floors
      • Confirm your room number format
    • Optimize Yielding
      • Set the discount range
  5. Set up your Guest Services
  6. Brand Your Upselling Experience
  7. Inform your operational staff of offers and PMS updates ROOMDEX makes
  8. Start to Upsell!


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