How ROOMDEX automatically updates the PMS

The core of ROOMDEX is automation. So once your hotel administrator has completed the ROOMDEX setup, ROOMDEX will begin sending upsell offers to your guests automatically.

ROOMDEX is 2-way connected to your PMS, which simply means that any upgrade offer a guest purchase via ROOMDEX is automatically added to the guests reservation, there is nothing to do for the hotel staff. Once the guest is checked in, the revenue will post automatically against the guests invoice/folio.

When do we send the offer?

Qualifying guests, will receive the offer between 1 and 10 days prior to arrival, depending on the length of stay. On average most guests will receive it 1 to 3 days prior to arrival.
Late Departure offers are sent a 2nd time, 1 day prior to departure to the guest a 2nd time. Guests that are part of a group, will NOT receive any upsell offers

How is the offer presented to the guest?

How will the offer look

Once the guested has confirmed an offer, ROOMDEX will immediately update the PMS with the new details:

  • Update the new room type/category
  • Add a note/comment to the guests reservation detailing the upsell offer purchased. This is important information, as we also detail, at what time exactly the guest confirmed the upgrade via ROOMDEX, using their personal phone or device.
  • Add a add on, or package, enhancement for automatic charging and bill clarity
  • Once checked in, the PMS is set to do the posting fully automated.

How will it look in the PMS?

how will it look in the pms

All operational teams can also ensure they are prepared by reviewing the arrival reports ahead of time, as all details are listed clearly on this report as well. Again it’s for informational purpose only, as ROOMDEX and the PMS automatically handle all changes and upgrade fees.


If your hotel has the upsell of “Guest Services” enabled…

Room revenue through upselling is an excellent source of high margin revenue but you can further add to your top-line by also enabling the upsell of guest service pre-arrival and during stay. Once activated in ROOMDEX here are a few guest service sample offers your guests will be able to see.

For some guest service the hotel may need additional information such as a car license plate, a flight number or the guests arrival time at the airport. Once the guest has selected all offers he/she wants and hits the shopping cart to confirm the offers, when enabled the guest will be asked to answer relevant fulfilment questions (pre-configured by the hotel in the ROOMDEX setup).

The information collected will be added as a note/comment to the guests reservation in the PMS and included on a hotel staff notification email.

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