Brand Your Email and Offer Page

Now that you have completed the setup or ROOMDEX you will see the full menu of available options to the left of your screen. At this point ROOMDEX will begin sending offers using it’s default branding look and feel, which is mostly white, without a logo and the offer pages have some nice color accents.

In order to further personalize and make the guest communication come closer to your brand standards you should take the time to enhance the email and offer a page with your fonts, colors, logo, hotel information and your personal opening, closing and signature.

Using our branding functionality is very straight forward, it works on a “what you see is what you get” basis, so while you are making adjustments to the branding you will see the results immediately in the loaded template.

Before you start, we strongly recommend you watch the “Branding the Hotels Email and Offer Page” video above first.

Branding the Email

When you select Hotel Branding -> Email, you will end up in the email template editor loaded with the current published template, standard this is the ROOMDEX Default Theme.

email branding 1

When you start updating the branding, we recommend you begin with the email. The branding menu also offers an option “Themes” here you can select from a set of predefined templates and color themes. More advanced you can also save a template theme, if you want to use different themes throughout the year. For example a Holiday Theme around the Holidays.

email branding 2

Within the email for an easy initial branding setup, we recommend you do the branding in the following order:

Please note: (menu options with a * you set both for email and the offer page, they are shared between both branding options.

  1. Header: Here you can select how you want the header (top of the email and offer page) to look like. With or without logo, with or without a tagline, logo placing, etc.
  2. Logo: Upload the logo and adjust the size
  3. Subject: Pick your favorite subject line
  4. Greeting: Pick a standard greeting or customize your own
  5. Closing: Pick a standard closing or customize your own
  6. Signature: Add in your signature details and hotel contact email
  7. Footer: Enter the hotel details
  8. Colors: Select colors of email background
  9. Body: Select font, font size and colors

Once you are happy with your design you should can SAVE and then PUBLISH it

If you want to see how the email arrives in a guests inbox, you can send yourself or someone else a test email.

Branding the Offer Page:

If you have not already done so, make sure you do the branding of the email first. Here is where the room category pictures, room detailed description and features you created earlier in the setup come into play. Once you click on Branding – > Offer Page, the next thing to do is load a reservation:

Click on “Reservation Id”, and select a reservation from the list that appears, this will load the current saved branding UI in the setup screen. If it’s the first time, this will be the ROOMDEX default theme. You can toggle between desktop and mobile view by clicking on the “Phone Icon” to the left top of the branding screen.

offer branding 2


The options, Header and Footer Info, are shared with the email setup, so might already be configured correctly for your hotel.

offer branding 1



To complete the branding for the offer page, we recommend to work in the following order:

  1. Logo: to adjust the size for the offer page
  2. Colors: here you set the overall color for the background on the offer page
  3. Body: here you set the specifics for the offer section itself
  4. Images: here we have pre-loaded the default early arrival and departure image (which are yielding great results). You can replace it with a specific EA or LD picture for your hotel.

To see a test offer in full browser, send yourself a test email from the email branding section.

And you are all set! Nice work!

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