Collect Your Hotel Information

While PMS integration has shared much of your hotel information, we still need your expertise to optimize the data.


  • Collect a list of all unique features your hotel rooms offer (or configure the system with someone on your team who has that knowledge.)
  • Collect the names of every unique bed type, view, balcony, and kitchen. While this may be in your PMS, it is often not optimized for guest-facing presentation.
  • Watch the video above
  • Make sure you know the pattern of your room numbers: which digits indicate a building, which the floors, and finally the rooms.
  • Make sure the detailed room category description in your PMS is optimized for selling and sounds good (ideally similar to what you have on the hotels website). The PMS integration will bring this automatically across to ROOMDEX.
  • Have a hotel/brand logo file (png, jpeg) at hand
    – Logo size: minimum 300 pixels wide.
  • Have 1 to 3 quality pictures of your room categories. at hand (Pictures attached in the PMS will come across automatically).
    – Room picture size, minimum size 640 pixels wide.

To complete the configuration, you need to fully understand what each room category offers in terms of bed type, view, balcony, and other room features relevant to guests. You’ll be able to include special, unique features such as special views (like in a corner room), a unique alcove or nook, or a great location (for example close to the gym).

Have this information on hand and ready before the next step!

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