Configure Guest Service Upsells

Here you will optimize the guest service products (sometimes called an “add on” or packages) that we pulled automatically from your PMS.

Just as we do with the room features and categories, all guest services ROOMDEX can support in selling as part of the digital upsell are automatically coming across from your PMS to ROOMDEX. All you need to do now is optimize the guest service name, description and add a picture to make it an attractive upsell offer. 

Here is how to go about it:

  • In settings, go to “Guest Services”. You’ll see the above setup screen
  • Drag and drop the guest services you want to sell to a matching “guest service group”
    • RED means, guest service is not assigned.
    • YELLOW means, guest service is assigned but not yet made available for sale
    • GREEN means, guest service is available for sale

An important note on how ROOMDEX works and knows when NOT to offer a guest service if it is already part of the guests reservation/package:

Based on PMS capabilities, the details may vary a bit, but the core essence is this:

Certain groups are intended to allow just a single purchase. Using this example for Breakfast:

  • Many reservations may have a breakfast included. These may have booked a rate that has a breakfast package attached or a breakfast package was added to the reservation at some point.
  • ROOMDEX needs to understand all possible breakfast packages, in order to ‘understand’ which add-ons to include in the exclusion dynamics and when not to offer breakfast.
  • To achieve this, move all breakfast packages to the breakfast group and leave them inactive (yellow). If the reservation already contains any of these,  ROOMDEX, will not offer breakfast. 


Enter an email address to which ROOMDEX will send a hotel staff notification with the details of the guest service that has been purchased by the guest. You can define as many emails per guest service group as you want. For example if the guest purchases a bottle of wine you may want to send it to your room service department. ROOMDEX will also add the details to the guest reservations, for viewing in the PMS or on automatic display on an arrival report. Here is a staff notification email example:


For each guest service you want to enable, simply click on the guest service (once you have assigned it to a group), by default you will see the guest service name and description as they are configured in your PMS. We suggest you make sure both name and description explain an attractive offer as shown in the below picture. Hit SAVE when done.

Once you have an attractive name and description it’s time to add up to 3 images, the better the image the better the upsell results!

To add the image(s) either click on “upload Guest Service” images if you want to add individual images for each guest service. If you want to add image(s) that apply to all guest services existing in the family/group, click on the “upload Family images”

For some guest services the hotel may need additional information from the guest. For example: Airport Transfer, here the hotel may want to know the guests flight number and arrival time.

To add any (and as many as you want) information request(s) click on the + next to the label “Extra guest information”. Enter the request question, ideally 3 to 6 words, select what type of information you are requesting, text (for example the flight number), a date (for example on what date you want to rent the bike), or number (for example, how many?) 

Hit SAVE, when done.

While you can add as many information requests as you want to the guest service upsell offer, the best is to limit it and keep it simple.

Almost ready! In order to INCLUDE the Guest Service for sale on the ROOMDEX upsell offers, set the switch to OFFER INCLUDED (green) and hit SAVE. 

Once you have configured all guest service and are ready for ROOMDEX to begin offering guest services to your guests pre-arrival, drop us an email to and we will switch it on!

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