You are live! Curious about the results, revenue, conversion and other statistics?

Check out our Reveal menu option. Reveal is ROOMDEX’s own reporting and BI module. Using it is pretty self explanatory. Select a data range and hit “Get Data”. Enjoy!

In the Conversion option we are showing you the buying funnel, here is an explanation of each label: (Applies to the selected data range):

  • Total: the total number of reservations for the hotel during the selected period
  • Attrition: the number of NO SHOWS and CANCELLATIONS
  • Active: the net number of reservations that stayed, are staying or arriving
  • Evaluated: the number of reservations ROOMDEX considered for an upsell offer
  • Emailed: the number of reservations
  • Click Through: the number of offers guests clicked on
  • Accepted: the number of upsell offers purchased

In the Reservations option, you can view the hotels occupancy, arrivals and departures by day, by room type.

As we grow in customer base we plan to add many more data points and statistics, and love to hear your thoughts here. If you feel some data points are missing, please let us know and send your request to

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