Buildings and Floors

Lastly, ROOMDEX would like to understand how your room numbers are set up.

(Please ignore the settings High Floor and Low Floor, request and feature codes, those are for future use.)

For example, let’s say your room numbers are 4 digits long. Often the first 2 digits represent the floor and the last two the actual room number on that floor. But many hotels are set up differently. In this step, you will show us how your hotel room numbers are set up.

The screen will automatically show all the room numbering patterns found in the PMS. All you need to do is to designate the meaning to each digit. Position your cursor over the digit you want to set, and click on it until it is assigned to either building, floor, room number or other indicator, until all digits of every pattern have been assigned a meaning.

buildings and floors input

When finished, press NEXT or DONE:

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