Price Range

Here you will see the price range between which ROOMDEX will offer upgrades to your guests.

To understand how our pricing works, please review the above video, before you continue.

ROOMDEX will yield each upgrade offer based on the incentive to balance the house, and the relative availability of premium rooms, maximizing the hotel’s revenue.

Red prices are invalid and will never be offered as upgrades. There is not much to do here but:

  • Make sure your category ordering is correct. If it’s not the price will be red, and you should go back to ROOM CATEGORIES to correct the room category order.
  • Edit the discount provided by setting the discount range (Only if you feel it needs to be edited!). To start we recommend to set the discount between 0 and 80%. This can always be adjusted as needed.

Price Range

When finished, press DONE…. and once you do…. !

You have completed the initial setup of ROOMDEX.

Your hotel is now ready to begin the upsell journey with our default email and offer view and price settings for Early Arrival and Late Departure.

Continue now or later, to optimize for branding and setup in step 6 and 7, to further maximize success.

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