Room Categories

Almost there! Four things left to do! Add the size of each room type and the images.

In “room categories” you will ensure that each room type:

  • Is ranked from lowest to highest value
  • Has a size attached
  • Has pictures

Once we have this information, ROOMDEX will estimate the probable value sequence of the categories by looking at the PMS rate code mappings. By clicking on the UP/DN arrows left off the record, you can move the room to a different position in the value sequence, in case we are incorrect.

This is also a good time to verify if ROOMDEX received the detailed room description from the PMS, click on the > arrow to the left of each room category size to see the detailed room description from your PMS (if it not shows, please add it in your PMS, as part of our daily configuration updates it will come across overnight).

room categories

When finished, press NEXT or DONE:

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