Room Checker

In this step, you will be sorting optimized and adding Feature Codes to rooms and/or room categories.

This part is best explained by first watching the above video. Features allow ROOMDEX to match individual room attributes to guest needs. As previously mentioned, the PMS data now in ROOMDEX may need to be re-organized so guests can understand it on their own. Here is a few things you can do here:

  • Verify all PMS imported features and make sure they are correctly linked to rooms and room types.
  • Create new features and link them to rooms and categories

Features should ideally have a 3 to 5 word description and very attractively written. You can always go back and adjust or update the feature set.

Before you continue to the next step:

  • Make sure each room has a bed type attached
  • Make sure each room has at least 2 to 3 sellable features attached, that will optimize room upgrade offer opportunities.

When you feel good about your initial configuration press NEXT or DONE:

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