We are Password-free!

No passwords. It’s super secure, it’s super easy, and it’s perfect for hotel staff.

Our application access system was devised with hotels in mind. We know that front office staff often share passwords to access shared software. We also know there has always been high turnover of hotel staff. Both factors compromise password integrity and make for poor software and data security practices.

So we killed the password. And we have no regrets. Our sign-in system is easy:

  1. Go to:


  2. Enter your email address.
    enter email address
  3. Check for an email from us and click on the link in the email.
    check your email
  4. Presto! You are in!

Your access is timed. If you walk away and you get signed out, simply repeat the process.

Note: The system recognizes your email address because we have it registered. If you need additional emails registered, please contact us.



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