Worry-free Early Arrivals and Late Departures Offering

It’s easy to offer early arrival (EA) or late departure (LD) to a guest, but ensuring that the hotel can fulfill the request, guaranteed, is a whole different matter.

NOT TO WORRY, at ROOMDEX we are very aware of the hotels availability and ONLY offer EA and LD, if it’s guaranteed available, here is how we do that:

  • ROOMDEX replaces the manual operation your team does, the sum of physical rooms available in the room category – stay through  = number of EAs and LDs available from all sources (our calculations already include EAs and LDs awarded by the front office team manually. On the available rooms we than apply a buffer (offering less rooms than available to ensure fulfillment can be achieved.)


  • The hotel controls from what time EA is offered, and in how many day parts it’s offered.
    • For example 3 day parts from 10AM onwards (standard check in is 4PM), creates 3 parts, 10AM, 12noon and 2PM all automatically.
  • The hotel controls until what time LD is offered, and in how many day parts it’s offered.
  • The hotel controls up to what % of the rate the EA and LD will be offered at. For example 50% for the earliest arrival.
    • Referring to the above EA 3 parts example 10AM would be 50% of the rate, and 12noon would be 33% of the rate.
    • Using the current rate amounts in place,  EA and LD pricing is fully automated and adjusted dynamically to the hotel’s pricing strategy
  • The hotel can control per room category:
    • Cleaning buffer in minutes (default 60 minutes, there is as such at least 1 hour between check out and check in before EA is offered)
      • Increase this buffer so it is exceeding the time difference between standard check in and standard check out time will result in ROOMDEX selling only as many EAs as there are clean/empty rooms available from the night before.
    • Offer window 0 to X hours prior to standard check-in time for offering EA (default is set to 84 hours).
    • Offer window 0 to Y hours prior to standard check-out time for offering LD (default is set to 84 hours).


  • We ONLY offer EA and late LD if we are 100% sure it’s available on the day of arrival and departure. You WILL be guaranteed the hotel can fulfill the EA or LD purchase.
  • ROOMDEX assumes available rooms and consider a 25-50% buffer (system default currently set at 50%) ensuring you will ALWAYS have a room ready. (example if ROOMDEX calculate 3 rooms avail we only sell 1, EA or LD).
  • ROOMDEX takes in account ALL early arrivals and late departures sold from ALL sources (front desk, reservations etc).

how EA and LD works

  • Once the hotel reaches a minimum of 3 rooms left available per room category, you can set minimal cleaning buffers per room category. For example if it takes 2 hours to clean the “executive suite” you can set the buffer at 2 hours. If your standard check out is set at 11AM, ROOMDEX will sell early arrivals of 1PM and upwards, but not earlier, if the suite was occupied the night before.
    • It works the same way for late departure, if hotel check in time is 3PM, and the minimum cleaning buffer is set at 2 hours, once minimum of 3 available rooms (accros all channels and sources that can sell rooms or EA and LDs) is reach ROOMDEX will only sell 1 more late departure but no later than 1PM.
  • By default ROOMDEX offers EAs up-sell from 84 hours prior to arrival date (assuming standard hotel check in time) and LDs up-sell from 84 hours from departure date (assuming standard hotel check out time). The 84 hours can be adjusted per room category individually for EA and or LD. How can a hotel best use this?:
    • The shorter prior  to arrival or departure the stay extension is offered and accepted, the better the offer can be fulfilled. For example, if the hotel wishes to offer EA and LD only 24 hours prior to arrival, the offer window is set to 24 hours.
    • If for some unique room categories the hotel does not wish to offer stay extensions at all, the 72 hour window can be set to 0 hours effectively shutting off the category from EA or LD up-sells.
  • We ONLY offer EA and late LD if we are 100% sure it’s available on the day of arrival and departure. You WILL be guaranteed the hotel can fulfill the EA or LD purchase.
  • If a few days before arrival dates, certain room types have 3 or less rooms available we also reduce the late departure time offered automatically. For example if the normal maximum is 4:00pm, we reduce it to 1:00pm, leaving ample time for housekeeping to clean the room. Same we do at early arrival, than we automatically increase the earliest arrival time a guest can buy to for example 1PM.


  • Using real time data ROOMDEX predicts the availability and room status of rooms for EA and LD accurately days in advance, ensuring what is sold, can be fulfilled.
  • When determining availability ROOMDEX includes all sources that maybe have booked a EA, LD or upgrade (If booked by hotel staff, we are aware).
  • ROOMDEX adjusts the EA time available automatically. If the hotels runs low on available rooms it starts offering EA with a later arrival time, or closes it automatically (by room category)
  • ROOMDEX can also be set so that it ONLY offers EA or LD, if rooms are available from the night before, giving the hotel in essence up to 24 hours to prepare for an early arrival.
  • In short: what hotels do today manually ie. switch off offering EA/LD manually, or stop offering it at the Front Desk, ROOMDEX does automatically


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