PMS Integrations

What are the possible ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer PMS integrations?

Out of the box, ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer integrates with: 

  • Oracle’s OPERA
  • Protel
  • Infor
  • StayNTouch
  • and Hapicloud

And, we continue to work on other PMS integrations

The good news is, we probably already integrate with your PMS. In the spirit of automation, you will need to ensure you have 2-way integration with your property management system for ROOMDEX to work best and deliver the greatest ROI. If you don’t see your PMS listed below, don’t worry. The integration is probably in progress. Contact us to find out.

Power integrations with Oracle Premises, Oracle Hosted, Protel and Infor

Infor, OPERA Hosted, Premises OXI, and Protel require the hotel to purchase an interface from the PMS vendor. Where possible ROOMDEX may make a free temporary license available for up to 2-months. To continue with ROOMDEX after the free trial, the hotel needs to acquire the interface from the listed PMS vendors.

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