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ABS revolutionizes hotel inventory merchandising

We cracked the code! Attribute-based Selling (ABS) re-imagines hotel inventory merchandising, and promises improved guest satisfaction and increased hotel revenue.

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Communicate your hotel’s value more effectively

Room type names only imply value to the guest. What does “Superior Room” even mean? Room features directly convey value to the guest.

ABS brings best of your hotel’s investments to the forefront of the conversation.

ABS is good for your guest.

When upselling through ABS, guests have more control over their hotel experience because individual guest preferences are the starting points.

ABS upselling focuses on personal stay configuration as opposed to “deals.”

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ABS is good for your hotel.



When guests better understand the value of the product, they are more inclined to purchase.


Cart Value

By virtually unbundling your room types, you provide an opportunity for guests to add more to the cart.



Feature pricing is automated so there is no extra work for hoteliers. You can start upselling by ABS tomorrow!


A New Revenue

You can now sell unique features of individual rooms and so monetize moves within the same room type!

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