Use automation to give your guests what they want

Your guests want a bespoke stay experience, which is music to any hotel owner’s ears. However, stay enhancements require additional administrative work.

ROOMDEX sells guest services automation software for your hotel and handles transaction recording in your PMS. All you have to do is the last mile – the actual service delivery.

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Focus on serving your guests. We’ll handle the rest.



We'll make a great team.

Product Configuration We pull any defined service in PMS automatically. Simply add a picture and start selling.
Pricing ROOMDEX leads the industry in upsell pricing, making sure conversion is maximized.
Promotion and Sale We optimize upselling conversion by promoting the right offer to the right person at the right time.
Transaction Recording in PMS ROOMDEX writes directly to the PMS. No manual input required.
Service Delivery We leave you to do what you do best - delivering service to your guests.

Need guest details to fulfill the sale?
No Problem.

Our FastTrack configuration wizard allows you to ask relevant questions so that you can delight your guest with personalized service. Service automation has never been easier or more efficient.

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Is it in your PMS? Upsell it with ROOMDEX automation

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The good news is that we are probably already integrated with your PMS:

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