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  • Hyper-intelligent Room Upsell Software Solution
  • Easy-to-integrate room and hotel revenue generator
  • Improves RevPar and ADR
  • Set it and Forget it with FastStartSM
  • Guaranteed to deliver ROI
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Upsell rooms reliably
through automation.

ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer automatically and intelligently calculates the best price for room upgrades, and for other upsell opportunities like early check-in and late check-out. It ensures that only available rooms will be offered an upgrade. Pre-arrival, ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer emails guests a simple set of offers that are tailored to their specific needs and persona. Along with accepting the upgrade, guests have the chance to purchase early check-in or late check-out. ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer provides the option for late check-out automatically, pre-arrival as well as during the guests’ stay. All email offers that ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer sends out generate high-margin hotel revenue to your bottom line.

When guests drive the sales experience, conversion rates soar. ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer is the hotel upsell software solution and service that converts so efficiently we guarantee an increased RevPar, Average daily rate, and ROI.

What you get.

The Set-Up
  • FastStartSM self-service onboarding
  • Easily configure property rules
  • Set it and forget it!
The Engine
  • Persona engine for guest segmentation
  • Automatic pricing and room availability
  • 2-way integration with your PMS
Upsell Offer Types
  • Traditional room type upsell
  • Attribute-based feature upsell
  • Early check-in upsell
  • Late check-out upsell
The Accountability
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Front Desk Birdseye
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Hotel revenue metrics
  • Guaranteed ROI

Easy PMS Integration

In the spirit of automation, a 2-way integration to your PMS is needed for ROOMDEX to work best and deliver the greatest ROI. The good news is that we probably already integrate with your PMS:

Find your PMS Here

The core of our hotel upsell software.

Our Hotel Optimization Platform (HOP) is the center of gravity for our hotel upsell software products and services. At ROOMDEX, we know from experience that in the hospitality industry, security, privacy, scalability, and openness to a world of other third-party products are of key importance. HOP is an API-first platform that enables easy exchange of data between ROOMDEX and other applications, such as the hotel PMS, channel manager, and CRM (including third-party CRMs).

HOP also enables integration with a hotel’s proprietary email marketing platform, plus export to hotels’ BI reporting tools.

Most importantly, it’s FREE. Our HOP facilitates 2-way integration, for which both ROOMDEX and the connecting PMS* vendor do not charge anything!

*Please note, this varies per PMS, please check our integrations page for details.

About ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer Hotel Upsell Software

The hospitality industry is unpredictable. Occupancy goes up and down. Rates fluctuate. Hoteliers, in particular, constantly try to make up lost revenue in downtimes and maximize profits when business is good. Whenever metrics matter (revenue managers know they always matter), upselling can be the answer to generating additional hotel income. Upselling room types through ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer hotel upsell software is also a great way to incentivize existing assets to improve the guest experience.

ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer offers a solution to your hotel’s upselling needs. Our hyper-intelligent room upsell software tool generates additional hotel income during times of low and high demand. It is an easy-to-integrate room and hotel revenue generator that increases RevPAR and low ADR (Average daily rate), and guarantees ROI.

With ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer, revenue managers capture ancillary income through a high-impact tool that is low-cost and non-labor intensive. ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer lets hoteliers manage upselling in the background, so the front office and other teams can focus on personal touches with guests.

Before ROOMDEX, upselling room types and special services to generate additional hotel income meant that hotel managers had to put together a cohesive team – one that engaged closely with guests to upsell add-ons like upgraded rooms, early check-in, and late check-out. Today, hoteliers don’t have the personnel to upsell directly and guests are indicating that they prefer contactless hotel experiences.

ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer is the hotel upsell software solution that helps revenue managers maximize income strategically and effectively. It is an effective upsell tool that produces positive results for your bottom line and your hotel guests.

Some hotels look at upselling as a wild card. But, they also want to look past RevPAR and the low Average daily rate when demand is down. Where can they make the biggest impact? Upselling with ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer provides the opportunity to capture ancillary room income and get more yield.

ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer is a room revenue innovation that produces great results when you need it most. With ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer, you can teach the system to optimize rates during times of low and high demand – and even by the day of the week and according to room types. ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer provides a second chance at upselling rooms and add-on services that guests almost booked but didn’t. It offers different pricing models for both pre-arrivals and late departures. ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer is a high-performance hotel upsell software solution that takes a holistic approach to hotel revenue generation and technology.


Upsell automatically, intelligently, and reliably with ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer

Upselling to generate additional hotel revenue needs to take into account all critical components of your hotel’s management systems and bring them together coherently. Any hotel upselling software solution must address traditional weaknesses of upselling, including the exact reflection of availability down to individual rooms, room types, and room categories. The perfect hotel upsell software has to integrate with and enrich your PMS, and offer fast, accurate, and self-service configuration of your hotel’s inventory.

ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer is the ideal hotel upsell software. It removes friction from the upselling process. ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer features a pricing engine that yields – in real-time and automatically – optimal room rates that fall within constraints set and controlled by the hotel. It offers a forecasting engine that ensures any upsell is priced appropriately and can be sold and fulfilled without human review.

A persona engine accounts for external data and reservation data to give a hotel fully faceted information that can then match guests to the best upsell products the hotel offers. Considering that hotel revenue and management technology is more complicated than it may seem on the surface, ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer gives hoteliers the confidence they need to intelligently balance and integrate information to seamlessly generate ancillary income and provide an optimal guest experience.

Upselling is not a trivial add-on. Capturing additional room revenue should be of high interest to hotels trying to increase RevPAR and low Average daily rate, and get a good ROI. Revenue managers must look at hotel revenue generation holistically, and any upsell software tool has to account for the big picture. ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer targets high-margin revenue components of the guest stay – room type upgrades, early check-in, and late check-out – and it offers a simple and fast way to deliver optimal results for your bottom line.

ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer is an intelligent hotel upsell software tool that provides 2-way integration with the most popular PMS options to give you an easy and quick solution for innovative and effective upselling.


Generate revenue using the ROOMDEX hotel upsell software tool

The ever-changing world of hospitality has led the industry’s focus away from merely improving room quality to attract guests and create deeper guest experiences. Guests’ expectations now, more than ever, include a variety of experiences and services that go beyond in-room furnishings and activities.

Travelers today want and demand uniqueness, ease, and customization. When considering hotel revenue generation, a revenue manager is smart to think about ways to boost revenue while offering a more fulfilling and enriching experience than competitors. Consider your hotel’s offerings as more than room rates. Holistically, lean toward complete revenue generation and look toward ancillary revenue-generating ideas as a whole new source of hotel income. ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer is an easy-to-use and simple-to-integrate hotel upsell software tool that lets you tap seamlessly into an ancillary revenue segment to increase RevPAR, low Average daily rate, and ROI.


Increase low ADR (Average daily rate) with ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer hotel upsell software

Average daily rate is a key metric in the hospitality industry, and it plays a defining role in identifying a decrease or increase in hotel revenue. Paying attention to this metric helps hoteliers create a holistically based revenue generation plan to boost the hotel’s income systematically. When hotels know how to increase a low Average daily rate, they can improve ROI year after year and boost their profit ratio.

Many hotels apply rate updates in hopes of increasing the Average daily rate. But, at some point, these updates do not help much. The fact is, the elasticity of supply and demand has such a direct impact on rates and occupancy in tandem that a hotelier cannot count on this tactic alone to improve a low ADR. To increase the Average daily rate, you must focus on boosting revenue brought in by each guest, and ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer facilitates this endeavor through upselling room types and valuable add-on services.


Increase RevPAR using our hotel upsell software

RevPAR is one of the most significant factors in determining the success, or lack thereof, of a hotel’s revenue-generating plan. When you understand the power of increasing RevPAR, you can apply better room rates and boost revenue. While RevPAR does not include ancillary income from add-on services, it does account for pure room revenue for upgraded room types.

ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer helps hotels plan room generating income better and offers strategies for calculating profitable room rates. It lets hotel managers sell the right rooms to the right guests, at the right time and the right price. ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer is a smart technology tool that effectively manages upgrade pricing and occupancy levels; you just need to determine occupancy segments and set rates for each segment.


ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer simplifies hotel revenue management

Just when you think you have mastered hotel revenue management, something can happen to turn everything upside down. Starting from scratch with a hotel revenue management strategy can be challenging, but think of it as a way to start anew and accurately define your current needs. With ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer, the process of hotel revenue management is easier due to the intelligent analytics, performance data, and integration that our software upsell tool offers.

Your perfect hotel revenue management solution should incorporate intelligent pricing, availability, and distribution so that the Average daily rate, RevPAR, and ROI are optimized. Using ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer, you can maximize the amount of revenue you generate through ancillary income to improve overall financial results.


Get a guaranteed ROI with ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer hotel upsell software

As a revenue manager, you are constantly measuring your hotel’s success by looking at your bottom line. You must also consistently make effective business decisions that harness all that your resources have to offer. ROI is one of the most important metrics that guide your processes as you look to measure the results of the initiatives that you carry out. When you are evaluating what you should live with or without to boost that bottom line, don’t be too quick to cut spending on upselling solutions.

Successful hotels need to stay committed to investing in technology and innovation, in particular, they need to prioritize integrations that work with their PMS to deliver holistic revenue generation and guest satisfaction. ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer offers proven ROI while providing meaningful guest experiences throughout all touchpoints on the guest’s journey.


ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer offers easy integration with your PMS

The good news is that Upgrade Optimizer probably already integrates with your PMS. The most popular PMS options, including StayNTouch, Opera Hotels Software, Protel, Mews Systems, and Apaleo – among others – already offer easy 2-way integration with ROOMDEX upsell software.

Modern and successful hotels must have holistic software solutions to manage their rooms and reservations, as well as their ancillary income generation. For many years, PMS companies were the holders of all rooms and reservations technologies and services. Historically, third-party integration with PMS options proved difficult. But, today, hotel brands are demanding that their PMS integrates with effective third-party solutions and PMS providers are realizing that innovative offerings from third-party vendors help to improve the hotel industry as a whole.

PMS companies’ attitudes toward third-party integrations are evolving and they are offering more open API options with cloud computing solutions that let hoteliers easily tap into the effective revenue-generating solutions that companies like ROOMDEX offer.

The most popular PMS providers know that it should be easy for a hotel revenue manager to embrace different business models and ways of working. It should be simple for them to generate upsell pricing and offerings in real-time, as the customer would expect. Open APIs and two-way integration are innovations that bring progress to the entire hotel industry, which is why you will find it seamless to set up and use ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer with your existing PMS.*

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