Monetize early arrivals and late departures with confidence.


Wondering how to improve hotel revenue? Monetize Early Arrivals & Later Departures for increased revenue AND hotel NOI.

Early check-in or late check-out has real value to your guest. In fact, our analytics show that guests are very willing to pay to customize their trip this way, providing an opportunity to increase net operating income growth.

ROOMDEX knows the operational challenge that stay extensions have presented in the past. That’s why we forecast inventory usage to make sure you don’t over-promise.

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To offer a stay extension, we automatically determine:


Will the room be operationally ready?

Simple room availability is only a sales status. Operational availability reflects granular operational status.


Are there any hours limitations required?

The ROOMDEX system can put fences on stay extension times to ensure there are no possible operational overlaps.


What is the optimal offer price to charge?

There are many factors that go into a guest’s decision to purchase a stay extension. Our platform is designed to optimize conversion and maximize hotel NOI.

How do we ensure operational confidence?

Our algorithm considers...

Room & category availability

Projected operational status

Check-in times (standard/adjusted)

Check-out times (standard/adjusted)

Boost Revenue & NOI for Your Hotel with Stay Extension


Average Early Arrival Sold



Average Late Departure Sold


Justin Ellison
"It has really just been “set it and just forget it.” It's working well for the guest experience and has increased my revenue. It's a win-win."
Justin Ellison, General Manager at Mint House


Kevin Le
"What I didn't anticipate was the early arrivals and late departures doing so well. I think other hotels will be surprised with the results themselves."
Kevin Le, Area Director of Revenue Management at Modus Hotels

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