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No more guessing games.

Some hoteliers think forecasting is an art. Unfortunately with all the available data, from historical databases such as STR Global and competitive pressures, hoteliers really need forecasting science. And while traditional revenue management systems offer forecasting tools, these solutions are often very expensive.

We use our proprietary forecasting engine to help make our UPGRADE OPTIMIZER automated, efficient and accurate. It is so powerful that we have extended it to offer automated forecasting as a standalone tool for your hotel.

Hotel operators and revenue managers can use it to achieve improved forecasting and yield management to get a more realistic view into the future.

What you get.

Revenue Forecasting
Daily Upsell Targets
Occupancy Forecasting
Business Intelligence Reporting
Booking Pace

Easy PMS Integration

In the spirit of automation, a 2-way integration to your PMS is needed for ROOMDEX to work best and deliver the greatest ROI. The good news is that we probably already integrate with your PMS:

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The core of of our hotel upsell software.

Our Hotel Optimization Platform (HOP) is the center of gravity for our hotel upsell software products and services. At ROOMDEX, we know from experience that in the hospitality industry, security, privacy, scalability, and openness to a world of other third-party products are of key importance. HOP is an API-first platform that enables easy exchange of data between ROOMDEX and other applications, such as the hotel PMS, channel manager, and CRM (including third-party CRMs).

HOP also enables integration with a hotel’s proprietary email marketing platform, plus export to hotels’ BI reporting tools.

Most importantly, it’s FREE. Our HOP facilitates 2-way integration, for which both ROOMDEX and the connecting PMS* vendor do not charge anything!

*Please note, this varies per PMS, please check our integrations page for details.

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