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2020 in Review: A look at some of our most-read articles

By Paul Peddrick
2020 review

As we wrap up our first year here at ROOMDEX (a year that has been like no other!), we take a look back at the top five most loved and read ROOMDEX articles of 2020.


end of passwords

Security via Passwords: Will it soon be a thing of the past?

Passwords – even the word makes me shudder. I have so many passwords I now have a password manager… and that’s just for personal use! In this article we explored the history of passwords and their importance as the first line for your business. We also looked at how passwords can be a nightmare – both in terms of the resource required to manage them but also how employee habits can expose a company to significant risk. Fortunately, there is a better way – passwordless. You can read the full article here.



“Free” PMS API Integration is the Key to Hotel Innovation

Yes. “free.” We did actually use the word, “free!” In our article Free” PMS API Integration is the Key to Hotel Innovation” we discuss that while legacy systems, like the PMS continue to play a vital role in the hotel tech space, hotels have evolved – as has the technology landscape. Hotel IT staff have woken up to the new possibilities. CIOs now want a tech stack that reflects the face of the hotel and can help further differentiate the hotel from the competition – And that was before COVID! Now with a pandemic on our hands, API integration is essential to enable endless possibilities for innovation and give hoteliers a competitive edge to ride out the pandemic. Read the full article here.


dynamic pricing

Dynamic Pricing for Upgrades: Why is it important for your hotel?

Dynamic pricing for rooms is a well-established practice – as is Upselling. However upgrade sales are rarely seen as a serious part of hotel revenue. Why? Mostly because it’s a tedious process that requires a lot of manual work in order for it to be efficient – and more often than not it fails. It’s a cycle that has been repeated for a long time. However, in this article we chat about how our ROOMDEX Upgrade Optimizer upselling app solves the problem. By automatically upselling revenue (using dynamic pricing!) you no longer need to spend time on the manual intricacies. Interested in hearing more? – Check out the full article here.


The Bottom Line of Hotel Automation is…well…the Bottom Line!

Automation has a bad rep. There is a misconception that automated customer service and hotels don’t match. It’s portrayed as the terminator of human employment and authentic service. However, it’s becoming more widely accepted that when applied thoughtfully, automation can free up staff time to focus on higher value and more fulfilling activities – not to mention increase revenues. In this article we discuss how in a post-COVID world automation can help businesses unlock more revenue potential, increase guest satisfaction, boost productivity, and remain more agile. Read the full article here.



One of our more recent pieces is “Meet the Founders and Learn What Makes ROOMDEX Different“. Here you can get a chance to put faces to the names behind ROOMDEX. This video gives the viewer a little flavor of who we are and more importantly provides some intriguing insights into the beginnings of ROOMDEX and the workings of our product. The combination of our working history and expertise helped us create a suite of products which we believe are unmatched in the marketplace. Check out the video to find out more!


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