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Act on 100% of your upgrade revenue opportunity with the only ABS Upselling solution that is data-proven.

ABS Upselling

“Automatic room assigning is working smoothly… the system really seems to know where to put the guest.”

Brenda Pena, Front Office Manager The Windsor Suites, Philadelphia, Modus Hotels by PM Hotel Group

Why ABS for Upselling?

Because your job is not to sell guests into a higher room category. Your job is to maximize revenue from your room product, regardless of category.

Attribute-based Selling (ABS), enables three big things:

  • It provides stepping stones more expensive room type upgrades.
  • You can now sell upgrades WITHIN the same room type.
  • By giving more choice to your guests, you enable real personalization. Instead of guessing what your guests care about, ABS tells you directly.

ABS generates new revenue for hotels.

32 %

of revenue from the same room type upsells

21 %

average YOY increase in upsell revenue

Intelligent technology is the catalyst for new room revenue.

Five integrated components, including ABS, power the most technologically intelligent room inventory merchandising and upgrade solution on the market.

  • 2-way Integration, down to the Room Number
  • Segmentation Automation
  • True Availability Forecasting Algorithm
  • Demand-based Inventory Pricing Algorithm
  • Attribute-based selling

2-way integrations make your life easier.

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