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ROOMDEX recently caught up with Georgios Rouvelas, General Manager of Hotel Juliani to find out exactly how the ROOMDEX upsell system is performing, why they love it so much, and what they would say to hoteliers who are currently using other upsell software. 

Hotel Juliani is a boutique property in the heart of St Julian’s, Malta. Open since 2004, this 65-room property has now overhauled their entire tech stack and gone fully cloud with most of their software, including adding a new cloud-based PMS, Stayntouch. Looking for an easy way to generate revenue and maximize profits even during high occupancy season, they decided to activate ROOMDEX Automated Upselling Software and utilize its 2-way integration system. 

Here are some highlights from our interview on 

“When I came across ROOMDEX and heard it had a two-way interface with our PMS, it was a no-brainer. When I introduced ROOMDEX upselling to my staff, they could not believe it. They could not believe they were actually seeing guests getting an early check-in, or a late check-out that was directly posted to the system. They were just so excited.” 

“The staff were like, ‘Wow, I didn’t do anything, and it’s all there and done.’ This is when we knew we made the right decision about ROOMDEX.”

In times that we have less room availability, I thought that ROOMDEX would not perform as much, but it has performed similarly in the weeks or months with lower occupancy […] you would think that when we are full, we would not have much flexibility to offer early check-ins, late check out, or upgrades, but it has managed to deliver.” 

“No other software so far has managed to do what ROOMDEX is doing for me. I want live availability- I do not want to show guests rooms I do not have. I want to have live price information. If the rate is not coming from your system, you are not shopping live as I can do now with ROOMDEX.” 

To learn more about how Hotel Juliani is benefiting from ROOMDEX upselling software, click here to read the full article: 

Customer Success Story: Hotel Juliani’s Unique Insights on Upsell Automation

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