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Recently, many hotels have discovered the innovation of Automated Upselling.  But if we are honest, there was a lot of skepticism regarding any kind of upselling solution.


ROOMDEX has created the ultimate solution.  We revisited some of those same hoteliers to see how they feel about Hotel Automation now. Here are some highlights from our article on :


Hotels are surprised by the amount of revenue made from early check-ins and late check outs.


Housekeeping is surprised by the absence of operational problems.

  • “When ROOMDEX was presented, the Executive Housekeeper was completely against turning on early check-ins and late checkouts. We quickly realized there were no issues where we couldn’t accommodate an early check-in and late check-out. Now the housekeeping side of the house is very comfortable with it.” SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel.


Self-service upselling keeps hoteliers from having to say “no.”

  •  When you are a small hotel like us, you have to be flexible for your guests. When a guest asks you, face-to-face, for early check-in or late check-out, 90% of the time, if I have availability, I would certainly say yes, and give it for free. So, for 10 years we made no money on early check-ins and late checkouts because we were just too nice.

    Now, the experience is actually better for the guest. The guest gets an email, finds a great deal on something they really want, and then they can purchase it immediately.”  Georgios Rouvelas, General Manager Hotel Juliani


Management companies use Automated Upselling and its ROI as a differentiator.


Hoteliers are surprised at how quickly and well automated upselling performs.


Automated upselling is on-brand for luxury hotels.


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