A collection of articles, news, thought leadership, video’s and webinars around the topic of upselling, written and researched by ROOMDEX


Some upsell revenue is better than others. A guide to where you are really making money.

Here are some highlights from our recent article on With hotel profitability becoming more of a challenge, upselling provides...

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HITEC TV: ROOMDEX, Inc and its Vision of The Hotel Upsell Landscape

Jos Schaap ROOMDEX interview


A Hotelier’s Guide to the Psychology of Upselling

psychology of upselling

5 min. read

How to optimize upselling in your hotel – A Masterclass

upselling masterclass

5 min. read

ROOMDEX CEO, Jos Schaap, Gives a Masterclass on Upselling

the revenue manager masterclass


Digital Upselling: Go for auto-fulfillment and high margins!

high margins

4 min. read

How to Upsell 101: Too Much Choice Can Lead to No Choice

too many choices

2 min. read

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