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ROOMDEX recently caught up with SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel General Manager Jet Bickle and Assistant General Manager Heidi Kamas to find out exactly how the ROOMDEX upsell system is performing and what they would say to other Hoteliers who might be unsure about trying automated upselling software.

In February of 2022, SeaCrest decided to try ROOMDEX Automated Upselling. Though they were initially wary about switching from their manual upselling format and the potential operational problems the change would cause, they decided to go ahead and give upselling automation a shot.  Fortunately, the decision paid off and since activating ROOMDEX their hotel upsell revenue has grown month over month.  

Here are some highlights from our interview on

  • It does all the upselling on its own. There’s really nothing we need to do. We occasionally check the notes to monitor the activity, but now everything is so automatic that we kind of forget about it!”
  • “At first everyone was freaked out thinking it was going to cause overbooking or that it was going to mess things up in the system (…) The system is just so smart that we haven’t had any issues with it at all. Everybody loves it!”
  • “Another benefit of the ROOMDEX “set and forget it” feature is we now can have different costs for different upgrades. When we were doing it manually, we really only had one price. We never really thought, “Well, if there’s more demand, we might even be able to get a little bit more out of that upgrade.”… “With ROOMDEX, we could price based on demand, and we quickly started getting upsells for twice as much as we would normally get. It was, honestly, amazing.”
  • The average room upgrade is double what we were getting before. Pre-ROOMDEX upgrades came in somewhere around $35. Now we’re getting $70 on those upgrades. It’s been pretty impressive.”

To learn more about how SeaCrest Hotel is benefiting from ROOMDEX upselling software, click here to read the full article:

Upselling Automation Success Story: SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel (

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