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Club Quarters Hotels has been a well-known hotel brand for over 30 years that caters to the business traveler segment. In more recent times, their model has pivoted to attract leisure travelers who were visiting their destination cities.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Assaf Gal, Vice President of Revenue Management and Distribution at Club Quarters Hotels and he provided some very interesting insights on technology’s role in improving service levels and where he sees the hotel-to-guest digital experience evolving in the near future.

Check out some highlights from our interview here:

How did you first encounter ROOMDEX? What was in place before that?

I had several conversations with Jos and his team and looked over the product and it really checked off every one of my needs. it felt natural to move forward with it for the portfolio.

When it came to upselling, we didn’t really have anything in place, primarily because most other technologies had some type of a manual component. I was looking for something that is 100% automated, where there will be no involvement from anybody on our team.


We see early arrivals and late departures are generating tremendous amounts of revenue. I think it surprises revenue managers when they see that. But the truth is, the guest is purchasing peace of mind – something that’s guaranteed.

Totally. I mean, how many times have we all arrived at our destination early because we took an early flight, or we had to leave late because we had a late flight.  The ability to guarantee an early arrival or to guarantee a late departure in advance – that peace of mind has a real value to it.


If you were speaking to a colleague who was contemplating upselling platforms, how would you summarize what you know about ROOMDEX?

First of all, great team. ROOMDEX is really easy to work with. And second is the integration.  It works really well. Feedback from the hotel team is positive because they really have nothing to do. So overall, it’s very positive.


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