Guests pay for
peace of mind.

ROOMDEX hotels that monetize early check-ins and
late check-outs reap 45% more upsell revenue.

Early Arrival Late Departure

“What I didn’t anticipate was the early arrivals and late departures doing so well. I think other hotels will be surprised.”

Kevin Le, CRME, Regional Director of Revenue Management at Modus Hotels by PM Hotel Group

Stay Extension Room Revenue pumps up RevPAR.

$ 60

Average Early Arrival Sold

$ 70

Average Late Departure Sold

Guarantee early arrivals and late departures with confidence.

We know the operational challenge that stay extensions can present. That’s why we forecast inventory usage to make sure you don’t over-promise.

Guests will pay for the peace of
mind of knowing that they
can get into their room.

2-way integrations make your life easier.

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