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ROOMDEX recently caught up with Jens Engmalm, Distribution Director for Pandox Operations Hotel to find out why they ultimately chose ROOMDEX, how it has performed so far, and how it compares to other systems they previously had in place.

Pandox is a leading hotel property company that owns and leases hotel properties to leading hotel operators.  In total, its portfolio encompasses 156 hotels in 15 countries.  ROOMDEX has recently been activated in two of these hotels, one in Berlin and the other in Belgium.  After utilizing other (labor based) tools for upselling, Pandox decided that they needed a better, more efficient, and less time-consuming upselling software.  What they needed was something fully-automated and hassle-free.  After researching upsell tools through MEWS marketplace, they discovered that ROOMDEX Automated Upselling Software offered everything they were looking for.

Here are some highlights from our interview on

We’ve always kind of worked with some kind of tool for upselling– from a human resources-based upselling where you have training and upsell on property, to half-automated systems where you either upsell at the end of the booking engine journey, or as an email.  And, of course, they all required some human input.”

“At first everyone was freaked out thinking it was going to cause overbooking or that it was going to mess things up in the system (…) The system is just so smart that we haven’t had any issues with it at all. Everybody loves it!”

We were really looking at systems that were automated. […] It [ROOMDEX] was one of the few we saw that was a fully automated system.  We liked the simplicity of it.”

ROOMDEX really helped us identify upsell opportunities and then define the description of the added value.  I really liked that.”

“I was surprised that stay extensions formed a big part of the upsell revenue– and the fact that you could earn up to 700 euros a week on it, with pretty much no additional cost.”

To learn more about how Pandox is benefiting from ROOMDEX upselling software, click here to read the full article:

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