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Ancillary Services

“We were selling a little lavender gift box through the front desk and we barely sold any. With ROOMDEX, we often sell out and need to re-order.”

Heidi Kamas, Assistant General Manager at SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel

You have a colorful palette of Ancillary Services. Give guests a brush to paint the perfect stay.

Guest services have always been the way hotels have helped personalize guest stays. But with today’s labor market, the administration of these extras can be an issue. ROOMDEX Automation handles the sales and transaction recording so you can focus your team on delivering the last mile…the face-to-face service.

Need guest details to fulfill the sale?
No Problem.

Our FastTrack configuration wizard allows you to ask relevant questions so that you can delight your guest with personalized service. Automation has never been easier or more efficient.

2-way integrations make your life easier.

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