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The Management Perspective: How automated upselling helps differentiate Springboard Hospitality

By Paul Peddrick

ROOMDEX recently caught up with Brandon Standerfer, Corporate Director of Distribution for Springboard Hospitality to ask, “Why ROOMDEX?” Why did a corporate structure take a chance on a new product emerging on the market for their portfolio – and more importantly how it has been performing.

Springboard Hospitality is an independent hotel management company based in Encino, California. Its portfolio currently comprises 41 hotels, primarily in the West Coast and Hawaii.

Trialing ROOMDEX in the fall of 2020, Springboard was one of the early adopters of automated upselling. Fast forward to Q1 2023 and 17 properties will be using the upsell solution. 

Here are some highlights from our interview on

“When I joined [Springboard Hospitality], prior to the pandemic, we started thinking about how we could develop a bespoke technology program that would be really forward thinking. We wanted to see how we could use tech to curate the guest journey and that’s where a lot of these open API and different platforms started coming to mind.”

 “The [ROOMDEX] concept fit with our new tech goals, so we said, “Yes.” Our first two hotels, Chamberlain West Hollywood and the Wilde Resort & Spa Arizona are knocking it out of the park in terms of upselling performance.

We now currently have eight hotels, soon to be nine, on ROOMDEX. We have a plan to roll out probably seven more. In Q1 2023, we should have 17 on the platform.

“The integration from an OHIP perspective was very seamless, which enabled me, from a corporate level to actually go in through the ROOMDEX console and do all the pre-configuration quickly and easily. So, when we brought in the operations and revenue team, it was pretty much set and forget it.

“Because ROOMDEX has such a deep integration into Opera, it really has enabled our teams to deliver upon the operational requirements such as guest services.”

“Everyone in Springboard has bought into it. This platform is so easy, it’s a no brainer. My CEO even said last week when we were in LA, “How much longer until we get the other hotels live?”

To learn more about how Springboard Hospitality Hotels are benefiting from ROOMDEX upselling software, click here to read the full article:

The Management Perspective: How automated upselling helps differentiate Springboard Hospitality. (



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