Is this GDPR compliant?

Yes. The Hotel can send emails with an informational character via ROOMDEX. These informational emails do not require expressed opt-in consent, as they fall under the legitimate interest under GDPR. Within legitimate interest, these informational emails are considered as part of the hotel stay and something that the hotel guest expects to receive when making a reservation with a hotel.

Will guests really pay extra for an early check-in?

They will. And the revenue it drives will surprise you. The average Early Arrival Upsell for ROOMDEX hotels is $60. 48% of guests who upgrade their room also purchase an early arrival or late departure!

Our guests expect
face-to-face service.

Perhaps. But don’t conflate service and selling. Our industry-leading conversion rate (15%) certainly shows travelers like the ROOMDEX self-service upsell process. We’re not sure the same can be said about being kept from getting to your room as you are upsold at the front desk.

Don’t we need to confirm the upgrade request check-in?

Those days are over. ROOMDEX accurately forecasts inventory availability, so you can sell confirmed room upgrades and stay extensions without worrying about operational conflicts. When we say AUTOMATED, we mean it.

Will it work in high occupancy periods?

Yes. In high occupancy periods you can upsell your oversolved standard room type. Gain high margin revenue from the upgrade, and resell the standard room to further increase.

Do you integrate with my PMS?

We are adding new PMSs and marketplaces every day. Check here to see if your PMS is already onboarded and connected.

Do front desk agents need to do anything?

No. ROOMDEX automatically updates the PMS when a guest buys an offer. No manual efforts are needed.

Does ROOMDEX set the offer pricing automatically?

Yes, we compute the best price and offer for every arriving guest. The Hotel can set business rules to manage minimum and maximum pricing.

Can I still make money in a low occupancy period?

Yes. Even in a low occupancy period you can add to your ADR by offering your guests the next available room for a little extra, you make some extra money, and the guest will be delighted.

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