Drive easy revenue with hotel upsell automation software.

ROOMDEX simplifies and supercharges upselling with its hotel automation software. It relieves hoteliers of the labor time required by other upselling solutions while delivering high-margin revenue.


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“ROOMDEX takes the guesswork out and streamlines operations to a point where it’s hands off – which is great.”

Brandon Burtis, Corporate Director of Revenue at Pacifica Hotels
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August 10-12

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Why you should choose ROOMDEX.

The customer experience

ROOMDEX hotel upsell automation software optimizes conversion opportunities by putting the power of choice in your guests’ hands. It’s the service they want.

We use hotel reservation, guest data and a proprietary persona and price algorithms to deliver personalized digital offers.

It’s built by the experts
We previously led the design of OPERA, StayNTouch, Nor1, and countless integrations. We know hotel technology.

ROOMDEX delivers serious ROI very quickly. Recover your investment in 48 hours.
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