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Hotel staff can typically be divided in two. You have the on the floor and the staff that largely goes unseen by guests: hotel company management.

If a meeting request arrives in the inbox of a hotel executive with the subject line “ROOMDEX ABS solution,” there is a strong chance the initial reaction would be, “What’s in it for me?” – and that reaction is justified.

Any software solution that touches multiple departments becomes a cross departmental project. New technology needs to prove it will not just benefit the company but also each VP’s performance related goals. So, What’s in it for me? Let’s take a look.

You are a VP of Brand (or VP of Guest Experience)

Until about 15 years ago, the differentiation between hotel brands was clear. Guests knew who was who and what was what. There are now many brands composed of brands that were collected to make sure every granular market segment was being addressed. So how do you differentiate your brand?

ABS offers guests the ability to choose their own room features and empower them to personalize their stay experience, which elevates the overall guest perception of the hotel and brand experience.

You are a VP of eCommerce

As eCommerce VP, not only are you responsible for the online sales of the brand but you are continuously looking for ways to increase cart value and conversion.

ABS helps improve conversion because it is a more effective merchandising technique. Traditional room type category names only imply value to the guest. Conversely, room features (balcony, high floor, away from elevator, etc.) directly convey value to the guest in terms the guest understands.

You are a VP of Revenue

As a revenue manager, you are the person in charge of leading pricing strategies in order to maximize a hotel’s profitability.

By implementing ABS, revenue managers have the opportunity to monetize more of their assets without increasing their objective costs – every new dollar made via your room product goes directly to your ADR. And it works. 

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