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Automated Forecasting of True Inventory Availability

By Paul Peddrick

When it comes to early check-in and late check-out the biggest challenge is that a hotel must know whether a room (or comparable room) will be available before an upsell offer can be made. For early check-in, previous guests need to have already checked out so the room is free – and similarly, for late check-out, hotels either need to know whether the room is not needed the following night or if there is a leeway to allow them to say an additional hour or two. With erratic check out behavior – including guests ‘ghosting’ the front desk – neither has been easy when it comes to forecasting.

But there is a way to offer early check in and late check-out minus the logistical headaches and poor customer experience. Automation.

The best upselling software leverages automation to forecast actual, operational inventory usage and status. Automation analyses inventory each day to identify unsold rooms that are candidates for early check-in and late checkout.

In a world where personalization of products and services is ubiquitous for consumers, automation delivers a bespoke stay experience that drives guest satisfaction.

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