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One of the key advantages of a cloud-based PMS system is its ability to simplify the way hotels connect with third-party software solutions, and each other.  Through the StaynTouch Instant Integration hub, Modus Hotels was able to activate ROOMDEX Automated Upselling Software, run a free-trial, and effortlessly increase revenue for their hotel with zero operational issues.

In this Live Case Study, we examine how Modus Hotels is leveraging  ROOMDEX’s free 2-way integration and Stayntouch mobile PMS to maximize ancillary revenue, boost conversions for upgrades and add-ons,  and expand a revenue stream many hoteliers are buzzing about- Automated Upselling.

Watch Priya Rajamani of Stayntouch, Jos Schaap of ROOMDEX and Marco Burlimann of Modus Hotels as they discuss how easy and effortless it is to generate new revenue through an open integration technology stack!

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