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Automation has transformed every industry and it is now transforming hotels. Right now hotels around the world are using new software to automate pricing, operations and service. Hotelier’s might ask, “Where do I start? What is the baseline and what is coming in the future?”

Watch Klaus Kohlmayr, Chief Evangelist & Development Officer at IDeaS, James Bishop Vice President, Ecosystem and Strategic Partnerships at SiteMinder, and Jos Schaap, CEO & Co-founder at ROOMDEX discuss the current state of hotel automation and how to navigate technology priorities in the next 24 months. Our experts will identify where to capture quick wins, how to most easily relieve the pressure on labor resources and how revenue and merchandising will be impacted by automation innovation.

Topics covered include:

  • Automation innovation happens when technologists find opportunity by identifying manual processes that everyone assumes are necessary. But now hotels must do more with less and are being forced to re-examine their daily tasks. What hotel operations assumptions that are being challenged right now?
  • Automation is a trending concept, but it’s been a part of rate and availability management for a while now. What was the ‘old’, manual way, what is the baseline currently for channel management automation, and what is on the horizon?
  • Does revenue management automation keep your commercial strategy balanced? How has increasing automation changed revenue management over time and what is coming next?
  • We talk a lot about how automation reduces the repetitive manual labor of hotel staff. But with the near constant turnover in hotels, how is training and new employee aptitude is also directly impacted by automation.
  • The challenge in automating everything is the edge cases. Lots of hotel processes are predictable, but hoteliers fear the rare situations that blow up and cost money. How are edge cases handled and as a product development policy, how many ‘manual overrides’ go into your build requirements?
  • Implementing a new technology can be perceived as difficult by hoteliers. While the promise of automation seems great, has there been innovations in the way hoteliers can test and or activate automation technologies in a way that does not create undue work for them?

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