November 18, 2021

Santa Cruz, CA – November 18th, 2021 – ROOMDEX, the leader in hotel upselling automation, is happy to announce the release of its 2-way integration with Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA Cloud PMS using OHIP (Oracle Hospitality Interface Platform). This is a very important integration for those hotels using or switching to Oracle’s Cloud PMS as integration fees are no longer a barrier to setting up ROOMDEX automated upselling. Now these hotels will be able to engage in a truly free ROOMDEX trial, generate easy upsell revenue and eliminate their current manual upselling tasks.

ROOMDEX’s Upgrade Optimizer is an automated hotel upsell tool that intelligently calculates the best upgrade offer price and ensures that only available rooms will be offered. Conversion is optimized by sending the right offer goes to the right guest at the right price. Along with the upgrade, guests have the chance to purchase early check-in or late check-out. Late check out is offered automatically pre-arrival and during stay.

Cloud technologies present an opportunity for hotels to take advantage of innovative technologies that support recovery. However, PMS integration costs have remained a challenge for many hotels. The integration through OHIP removes the fee barrier and delivers ROI even faster for ROOMDEX hotel customers.

“We have been looking into ROOMDEX for quite a while but decided to make the move once ROOMDEX integration with OHIP was completed”, said Brandon Standerfer, Corporate Director, Distribution at Springboard Hospitality. “Once we gave ROOMDEX the green light, the property revenue and operational staff were amazed with how quickly the system was online and bringing in new revenue. The ROOMDEX go-live experience is one of the most seamless and painless processes I have ever experienced in my career in the hospitality industry!”

“Releasing our 2-way OPERA Cloud PMS integration through OHIP is an important step for both our company, and for the growing number of hotels on Oracle OPERA Cloud,” said Jos Schaap, CEO & Co-Found at ROOMDEX. “Oracle has followed through with their commitment to fostering innovation for their OPERA PMS customers. We are excited to be able to put the power of ROOMDEX’s automated upselling into the hands of Oracle OPERA Cloud PMS customers.



ROOMDEX’s hotel upsell software, “Upgrade Optimizer,” automates, monetizes and ultimately simplifies the hotel room upgrade process by putting the power of choice in the hotel guest’s hands. Automation is the cornerstone of our pioneering hotel optimization platform. ROOMDEX uses hotel reservation, guest data and its proprietary persona and price algorithms to deliver personalized digital offers, greatly enhancing the guest experience. The hotel upsell tool relieves hoteliers of the labor time required by other upselling solutions while delivering high margin revenue and a substantial ROI.

The company was founded by Jos Schaap, Pierre Boettner and Denis Bajet, three industry veterans (Ex. MICROS-OPERA (now Oracle Hospitality), StayNTouch, Shiji and Nor1) who together bring over 90 years of hotel software innovation experience in PMS, integrations, revenue management, BI, mobile, self-service and upgrade optimization software. Since founding in spring of 2020, ROOMDEX has signed on more than 90 hotels with 8,500 rooms across the U.S., U.K. and Europe.

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