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ROOMDEX CEO, Jos Schaap, joins The Revenuemanager, The Series

By Paul Peddrick

Based on the success of funnelTV’s Marketplace, Hospitality Net and funnelTV teamed up in 2021 to launch a bi- weekly series of live streaming events exclusively covering revenue management and digital marketing in hospitality. The Revenuemanager events serve as a platform for smart insights and transformative debate as we navigate a brand-new, re-invention environment for the global hotel industry. ROOMDEX’s CEO, Jos Schaap, joins the Revenuemanager team to give the pitch for using ROOMDEX. Jos starts by explaining that in the current climate, as much as hotels are trying to keep prices high, overall ADR is lower as hotels compete for acquisition. Revenue Managers need to think in terms of capturing the guest and then enhancing the revenue for that acquired guest. That’s where upselling comes in.


The problem with traditional front desk upselling is that it is being done poorly and inconsistently. Plus, taking up time to upsell in person violates social distancing rules and simply increases wait times for other guests checking in. Current upsell software solutions all to often require extensive manual labor and pricing and sales approval/verification is always done manually. So there really is no efficiency gained by using them. The team at ROOMDEX, however, has a better solution that solves all these problems.

ROOMDEX uses proprietary algorithms to automatically prices upsell offers and send them to the right customers at the right time to maximize conversion. ROOMDEX essentially operates like a Revenue Management System in its ability to price automatically. Set up of the system is quick and easy and ROOMDEX already integrates to most major PMS systems. The hotel sets up pricing “fences” and ROOMDEX does the rest. The guest will get an upsell offer with up to three different options. Why three? Too many choices creates decision paralysis. However, ROOMDEX also helps hotels monetize early check-in and late check-out, which like rooms upsells, are easy to fulfill and provide high margin revenue.

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