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3 Things Hotel Software Must Provide! According to Hoteliers.

By Paul Peddrick
3 things hotel software must provide

Fifteen years ago, it was often said that hoteliers were slow to adopt new technologies. But that assessment may not be fair today. The cloud and the move to wider PMS integrations have led to a virtual explosion of new hotel software. So much so that hoteliers – and not just the IT department – now have definite opinions on what they want and expect from new hotel software.

As hotels reopen and work toward full occupancy, hoteliers are looking to see how technology can facilitate recovery – especially with smaller staffs. Upselling offers the one of the best opportunities to get more value out of each customer by creating ADR and RevPAR lift – while increasing guest satisfaction.

Here at ROOMDEX we think our upsell product is pretty great. But what do hotelier’s really want out there in the market? What is important to hoteliers when it comes to new revenue enhancing software? Let’s find out.

  1. Integration: Anyone who works in the hospitality industry has a horror tale or two that they could tell when it comes to technology integration. Traditionally technology integration has been one of the biggest headaches when it comes to investing in and installing new hotel technology. It was normal to expect that integration was not going to straight forward and so, it was just accepted that seamless integration was a pipe dream.At ROOMDEX we pride ourselves in our ability to offer seamless integration when it comes to our hotel technology solutions. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Here is what some of our customers have had to say:Seamless integration and unique USP. Not often something is pitched to you that does exactly what it says on the tin.
    – General Manager Multi-Property, IrelandIt’s great that ROOMDEX fully integrates with our PMS so that there is no manual labor involved from our team.
    – Revenue & e-Commerce, Multi-property, NetherlandsIntegration with our PMS is excellent.
    – Revenue & e-Commerce, Independent, UK 
  1. Automation: Hoteliers are busy people. And with the pandemic, many hotels are quite low on staff, making it harder to cover all the bases. That’s were automation comes in to play. The benefits of automation in hotel software are many: increased productivity, lower costs, a better experience for both staff and guests, more accurate forecasts and more precise pricing decisions.At ROOMDEX we understand the business value that automation provides. So much so it is one of the foundation pieces of our upsell software. ROOMDEX’s Upgrade Optimizer solution automatically and intelligently calculates the best price for room upgrades, and for other upsell opportunities like early check-in and late check-out – And our customers agree.It’s very easy to onboard and our guests have been engaging with the offers right away. It all runs in the background, so we don’t really even have to do anything once the guests choose their upgrade or early arrival.
    – General Manager, Limited Service, Miami Beach United StatesThe way this system cuts out all of the manual Operations work puts all of our departments at ease – Operations, Revenue, Finance…everyone is happy and confident that requests are being awarded and posted/charged correctly. This truly changed the game for our Front Desk & Reservation staff!
    – Corporate Revenue Director, Boutique, Aliso Viejo United StatesSimple and easy to use, once the implementation is done the system manages itself and provides a seamless guest journey.
    – Revenue & e-Commerce, Independent, UK 
  1. Performance: How many times as a hotelier have you heard or asked, what’s the ROI? It’s not always easy to see. Whether it be and efficiency product like maintenance management software or guest experience product like phone enabled door locks, ROI isn’t always easy to calculate. Not true with upsell software. ROI can be seen almost immediately. Given the pandemic, revenue driving software that provides a clear ROI has been seen as critical to recovery.At ROOMDEX, we were well into the COVID-19 lockdowns when we decided to launch ROOMDEX. It was a surprisingly easy decision – being hotel industry veterans we knew we were best equipped to help hoteliers through and beyond the pandemic. And our customers are our best advocates of this statement.We’ve been using ROOMDEX for a couple months now at three of our hotels and the results are immediate.
    – General Manager, Limited Service, Miami Beach United StatesNot often something is pitched to you that does exactly what it says on the tin. Although Covid has made it difficult to fully assess the efficacy of this software, from what I have seen of it so far, I have been very impressed and look forward to having it in my arsenal for the recovery.
    – General Manager, Multi-Property, IrelandIt has increased our upgrades even during the tough trading we have seen over the last few months.
    – Revenue & ecommerce, Independent, UKIt has expanded our reach of upsell offers to include OTA customers, which has been a challenge with other products. We experienced immediate ROI within the first month and have continued to grow the high-margin revenue streams, especially early check-in and late checkout.
    – Vice President Revenue, Boutique, San Diego United States


Hoteliers are now pretty technology savvy. And they also know what they want in hotel software: integration ease, automation and superior ROI performance. ROOMDEX delivers all three.

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