5 PMS Companies

January 12, 2021

5 Leading PMS Companies Reveal Their Integration Strategies

Part of the ROOMDEX Webinar Series, an expert panel discussion of the 5 Leading Hotel PMS Companies discuss the evolution of 3rd party integration strategies and how they are making it easier for hotels to compete in the marketplace.

The webinar features seasoned property management system company executives:

and Jos Schaap CEO and Co-Founder at ROOMDEX

Integration Discussion Summary

The lively discussion, moderated by ROOMDEX’s Paul Peddrick, covers:

  • PMS philosophies – Our panelists each give an overview of their past, current and future approaches to integration
  • “Hubs” – Several PMS companies have built integration hubs aimed at making it easier for hotels and 3rd party software to connect to the PMS and each other
  • Pricing – Integration fees have been a concern in the past and they still exist. Who should pay for the real labor effort of set up and maintenance of integration? Our panelists discuss how hotels, in general, are paying less fees for integration and how PMS companies are working with 3rd party partners to resolve costs
  • Free trials of 3rd party software  – Free trials are a core way new software companies can acquire hotel customers. However, integration is often required. Panelists discuss how to free trials are being considered and handled.
  • Cloud vs Premise-based systems – While the future looks bright for integration with cloud-based PMSs, much of the world still uses legacy/premise-based systems. Panelists discuss the differences in approach and give advice to hotel customers.
  • The 3rd party perspective – Jos Schaap, of ROOMDEX, questions the PMS companies on pricing and process.

Representing the PMSs of the majority of the world’s hotels, this webinar provides insights that impact the future of hospitality worldwide. 


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