September 1, 2020

Hotel Automation & Easy PMS Integration, ROOMDEX partner’s with HapiCloud

Jos Schaap | ROOMDEX

At ROOMDEX automation is paramount and the number one focus.  A fully featured and robust 2-way PMS integration is one of the main building pillars for ROOMDEX. Today’s Cloud PMS systems offer easy and free API integration. For the older established and premises installed PMS systems it’s a different story. That’s why HapiCloud, a leading hotel software integrator becomes an obvious choice.

Just like ROOMDEX, Hapi’s team has many years of hotel software and integration experience. Its integration platform provides access to the world’s leading PMS systems out of the box. We see this partnership as an important step towards hotel automation and optimization. Another important aspect of this partnership is that it will make integrations to the older premises installed PMS systems a lot more affordable to purchase while reducing the ongoing maintenance efforts and costs.

How does HapiCloud Do it?

The Hapi data streaming platform is based on the same proven technology that runs some of the largest social media and business services. To that foundation, we add multiple layers of encryption, authentication and governance. Finally, we make sure the most important parts are open source.

Real-Time Streaming

You won’t have to worry about stale data. Hapi runs on AWS infrastructure and leverages open source Apache Kafka technology to provide data streaming functionality that is modern, secure and scalable.

Secure Data

Authentication access to streams is determined by secure data contracts. Data governance is a first-class citizen. Combined with multiple layers of encryption, your data is always secure. We are PCI DSS Level One Certified.

Open Approach

No one wants another propriety integration solution. From our streaming engine to our API and data schema, we embrace open source concepts. Learn more about the Hapi platform.

What Does this mean to Hotels?

Pretty simple, Hapi facilitates easy and quick integration to hotels that want to use ROOMDEX and are running on OPERA hosted, premises, Infor or Protel, full 2 way integration, certified with the PMS vendors. Apart from the hotel interface PMS license fee, the cost of Hapi to ROOMDEX clients is zero. If the hotel is not using Hapi yet, ROOMDEX will handle all contracting to ensure smooth and fast onboarding. If the hotel already has Hapi for other integrations, it’s really just a simple flip of a switch to activate ROOMDEX as an additional connection.

HapiCloud’s CEO and Co-Founder Luis Segredo comments “We believe hospitality will be better when the barriers to innovate are eliminated. High integration costs and lack of vendor alignment hurt innovation and progress.” “We are excited to partner with ROOMDEX who is building the right platform for enhancing hotel automation and revenue optimization, both solutions joint together enable quick and easy connectivity at a low cost of ownership”. Pierre Boettner, Head of Product & Co-Founder at ROOMDEX add’s “We needed a quick and robust way to connect to the major established PMS brands, such as Oracle (Opera Hosted and Premises installed), Infor and Protel, exactly what Hapi is offering, more importantly, it simply works!”


Jos Schaap

CEO & Co-Founder

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