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No matter the industry or job specification, using the wrong tools – or no tools at all – will end up in costly inefficiency. With low occupancy a common feature for the foreseeable future, hoteliers need efficiency tools more than ever. The goal is now, more than ever, cut costs while still increasing revenue and improving the guest experience. Fortunately, there is a new power tool to reach for: automated upselling. It checks the efficiency box, the revenue box and is easy to set up.

“I am not up for another tedious software project,” you might say. Yes, we get it. We are all too well aware with the headaches that choosing and installing new software can bring. Based on technology of the past, it’s widely accepted that getting a new hotel tech solution up and running was a complex task. Inevitably, it resulted in weeks of interrupted service, lost productivity, frayed nerves and sleepless nights. The benefits may sound good, but the time and effort make the proposition of trying something new too risky.

We understand. At ROOMDEX, we love helping hotels succeed and each of us has spent our careers doing so. As industry veterans we know that while a tech solution’s capabilities are an important factor, ease-of-use is a priority for hoteliers today. With ROOMDEX’s UPGRADE OPTIMIZER we have made set-up of our solution blazingly fast. You can start driving high margin revenue to your hotel in less than a few hours. We connect to your PMS, you set the property rules, everything else happens automatically. Set it, forget it, and watch your high margin revenue go to the hotel’s bottom line.

Intrigued? Let’s look at the process in detail.

Step 1 – Integration

To take advantage of our room automated upselling solution we need to communicate with your hotel property management system (PMS). The good news is that we probably have already done the integration leg work. Out of the box, our solution integrates with Oracle’s OPERA PMS, Protel, Infor, StayNTouch and HapiCloud. If you use another solution, don’t worry. We have a number of integrations in progress and are adding to our list all the time. ROOMDEX easily connects with other programs so if we currently don’t have your PMS on our list, we can quickly set up an integration for you.

Our solution is a fully open two-way API. What does that mean? Data is shared between systems automatically, saving you the time of inputting it manually. ROOMDEX collects all rates, packages, and room details from your PMS.

If integration sounds a little technical, not to worry. This step is mostly, if not entirely completed between both vendors i.e. ROOMDEX and your PMS provider. Automation is the cornerstone of our upsell app, relieving you of the labor time required by other upselling solutions.

Step 2 – Review and begin automated upselling

Once the initial hotel sync between ROOMDEX’s UPGRADE OPTIMIZER and your PMS is complete, the team at ROOMDEX helps you with the configuration process. Steps at this stage include:

  1. Confirm PMS features and room configurations were mapped correctly with ROOMDEX
  2. Add unique features that not currently configured in the PMS
  3. Add imagery to support room upgrade offers
  4. Verify the yield range for ROOMDEX to base upgrade and upselling pricing
  5. Turn it on!

Depending on how well structured your PMS data is, the set up ROOMDEX for automated upselling may require just a few minutes to complete. In most cases you can continue to refine and enhance content that will give the guest a better sense of the options available – and thus improve conversion. But even without additional content refinement, we have designed our solution to ensure quick and easy set up to allow you start collecting high margin revenue in a few simple steps. It couldn’t be easier.

And you don’t just have to take our word of it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our product:

Exciting times at ROOMDEX! 3rd Pilot hotel live with automated upselling today! PMS integration was set up automatically in minutes, thanks to the great API options with StayNTouch PMS.

ROOMDEX then configures itself almost 100% automatically. To go live all that is needed is a quick Zoom call with the Hotels Revenue Management team, setting up features, adding pictures, and ready set go! Upgrade prices are computed dynamically…!”

Interesting in trying ROOMDEX UPGRADE OPTIMIZER? We offer 60-day free trial – no strings attached. Why not give it a test drive today.

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